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Made Anew – Stories from the Broken and Mended

Saturday 20th February 2016 - Sunday 5th June Location: Aberystwyth Arts Centre

The exhibition is based on the theme of broken and mended pottery, its stories and its associations. It aims to explore our relationship with the state of a pot. How do we feel if it is broken, chipped or dirty? Can these things inform us about its life, where it has been and how it has been used? What is its value and who has cared enough to have it mended or restored? The exhibition also shows work by ceramic artists who make a play on these ideas: Bouke de Vries, Paul Scott, Melanie Brown and David Cushway. The starting point of the display is the recent donation in 2014 of the Ann Carr Collection of pottery from Wenford Bridge by Michael Cardew and his associates. Aberystwyth accepted a large number of pieces – 340 pieces – many of which had been regularly used for cooking and serving food. There are pieces that have become cracked or chipped and also a number that show evidence of mending. Ann Carr’s house, Fellover Hall, was just a mile or two from Wenford Bridge and she had a close personal association with the potters and the pottery, even at times assisting with the long firings of the wood kiln. The pottery represented a shared passion with a close circle of friends in the area. Wood kilns are temperamental beasts and can produce wonderful surprises, deep disappointments and lots of ‘seconds’ with cracks, chips or surface defects. Ann Carr probably often gave a home to the last as well as having first choice at the kiln openings – always a big occasion. Opening hours: Monday–Saturday,10am–8pm. Sunday, 1pm–5pm

Unforgettable. Historic Welsh Quilts and Costume

Saturday 5th March 2016 - Saturday 5th November Location: The Welsh Quilt Centre

Unforgettable. Historic Welsh Quilts and Costume from the collections of Ron Simpson, Jen Jones, and the Ceredigion Museum will take centre stage in the dramatic Courtroom Gallery. The exhibition features feature strikingly bold 19th Century Welsh Flannel Patchworks and the quintessential Welsh Hat. There is a recognisable signature to the Welsh quilting tradition that makes quilts from this part of the world unique. By setting the quilts amongst a backdrop of Welsh hats and costumes, the exhibition strikingly demonstrates how a working tradition can become beautiful works of art when created by exceptionally skilled workers. The quilts on show represent some of the very best ever made in the Welsh tradition. Many of them have never been seen before. For all these reasons, they will surprise and delight visitors! Unforgettable at The Welsh Quilt Centre will be a diverse showcase of quilts, embroideries, paintings and textiles from well-known contemporary artists displayed alongside the precious textile heritage of Wales The exhibition has been designed by Gwenllian Ashley.

Jessica Lloyd-Jones - A Chemical Process

Saturday 30th April 2016 - Saturday 11th June Location: Oriel Mwldan

At the place where science and art meet, Jessica Lloyd-Jones explores ideas of energy and natural phenomena through the use of materials and of light, in order to provide new perspectives on the world in which we live. Jessica’s most recent work responds to geological landscapes such as coal mines, using materials that include coal, iron oxide and plant life as the basis for photographic, sculptural and 2D work. Exhibition opening on the 30th of April with a talk from the artist about her work, all are welcome!

The Dental Cosmos

Saturday 18th June 2016 - Saturday 6th August Location: Oriel Mwldan

Artist Morgan Griffith (sonomano) uses found images to create beautiful, funny, unnerving collages.  This exhibition will present these works alongside some kinetic assemblages, created especially for Oriel Mwldan with his collaborative partner Jo Hinchliffe (concretedog). Drawing together images that seem to have come from very different places, the works cry out for the viewer’s own interpretations of the stories behind them.

Making Pictures - with Janet Bolton

Friday 8th July 2016 Location: The Welsh Quilt Centre

The main emphasis of the workshop is to encourage students to develop their own ideas with help readily available. Working directly with the fabric Janet explains and demonstrates the simple sewing techniques required. She will also demonstrate the exciting process of cutting shapes, re-arranging and sewing down the various elements until a pleasing composition has been achieved. These are two individual days but you are welcome to attend both.