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Centre for Alternative Technology CAT

Centre for Alternative Technology

Europe's leading Eco-centre

Set against the backdrop of beautiful Snowdonia, this unique visitor attraction is guaranteed to entertain, inform and fascinate all the members of your family.

Lifted up by 'the water-balanced' cliff railway with its breathtaking views visitors arrive at our 7 acre display gardens, crammed with exhibitions displays and information.

Whether you want learn all about the environment, how to save energy and money in your home or just enjoy the gardens, shops and the excellent vegetarian restaurant it will be an experience to treasure and remember.

The Centre for Alternative Technology is concerned with presenting solutions to environmental problems, rather than the doom and gloom view, we take a positive and uplifting approach, demonstrating all kinds of environmental technologies in an interesting and informative way. CAT began as an experimental sustainable community over 25 years ago, since 1974 it has evolved into Mid Wales' most unique and popular visitor attraction.

Please visit for details on day visits, our residential courses and for lots of useful environmental information and contacts.

Centre for Alternative Technology Blog

CAT challenge to Climate Change Secretary

Responding to the appointment of Amber Rudd as the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, CAT CEO Adrian Ramsay said: “I congratulate Amber Rudd on her appointment. She has repeatedly asserted her commitment to tackling climate change, curbing carbon emissions, increasing green investment and pressing for a strong deal at the crucial international climate talks this December. I now challenge her to ensure that the policies of the U...

The Small is Beautiful festival comes to CAT in 2015!

The Small is Beautiful festival comes to CAT in 2015! Do you ever feel like trying to change the world is a bit of a hard slog? That there are so many things to be angry about, and to try to change, that it gets a bit exhausting and even starts to feel impossible? Well, we feel the same! Which is why we are happy to welcome the Small is Beautiful festival – to be held at CAT for the first time this year:  getting a bunch of people together t...

CAT analyses general election climate promises

“It is vital that the government that emerges from this coming election sets a pathway to a zero-emissions society and demonstrates clear and strong leadership – both at home and internationally – in tackling the most urgent issue of our time.” Adrian Ramsay – CEO, Centre for Alternative Technology With a week to go until the General Election, we have released our analysis of party political manifestos, comparing parties’ climate and energy polic...

Manifestometer: The Green Party

With a name like the Green Party it is would be surprising not to find a manifesto that strongly supported action on climate change. But is it enough to stop runaway climate change? The Centre for Alternative Technology explores the Green Party manifesto.  1.Does your party’s climate policy accept the urgency of the evidence as defined by the recent 5th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment report, and if implemented, h...

Manifestometer: The SNP

Comparing climate policies for the 2015 election With 25% of Europe’s wind energy potential, including massive offshore as well as onshore wind power capabilities, and a quarter of Europe’s tidal resource, Scotland is well placed to take advantage of renewable energy. But Scotland also has massive amounts of North Sea oil and gas on its books, some of which is now struggling to remain economic.  How will the SNP  reconcile the need to d...