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Centre for Alternative Technology CAT

Centre for Alternative Technology

Europe's leading Eco-centre

Set against the backdrop of beautiful Snowdonia, this unique visitor attraction is guaranteed to entertain, inform and fascinate all the members of your family.

Lifted up by 'the water-balanced' cliff railway with its breathtaking views visitors arrive at our 7 acre display gardens, crammed with exhibitions displays and information.

Whether you want learn all about the environment, how to save energy and money in your home or just enjoy the gardens, shops and the excellent vegetarian restaurant it will be an experience to treasure and remember.

The Centre for Alternative Technology is concerned with presenting solutions to environmental problems, rather than the doom and gloom view, we take a positive and uplifting approach, demonstrating all kinds of environmental technologies in an interesting and informative way. The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) was founded in 1973 on the site of the disused Llwyngwern slate quarry near Machynlleth, in Mid Wales and has evolved into Mid Wales' most unique and popular visitor attraction.

Please visit for details on day visits, our residential courses and for lots of useful environmental information and contacts.

Centre for Alternative Technology Blog

Meet the Modeller – Interview 1

Interview with Christian Breyer, Professor of Solar Economy at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) Interviewed by Isabel Bottoms, October 29th 2018   In this series the Raising Ambition authors, Paul Allen and Isabel Bottoms, interview modellers whose work has been featured in the Raising Ambition report. It makes for fascinating insights into the process they … Continue reading "Meet the Modeller – Interview 1" The post ...

A prescription for the planet

As we approach the next round of UN climate talks, Paul Allen talks to Professor Kevin Anderson about what the international community must do to prevent climate breakdown. “To genuinely reduce emissions in line with 2°C of warming requires a transformation in the productive capacity of society, reminiscent of the Marshall Plan.” Kevin Anderson’s response … Continue reading "A prescription for the planet" The post A prescription for...

Tenant wanted: must eat grey squirrels

Rumours of strange, unfamiliar creatures in the woods around CAT have caused much excitement over the past few weeks. Woodland Officer Alex Chadwick is hoping a pine marten has come to stay. Pine martens are incredibly charismatic but elusive creatures. They are thought to have inhabited Britain since the end of the last ice age, but … Continue reading "Tenant wanted: must eat grey squirrels" The post Tenant wanted: must eat gr...

London Climate March: It’s about time – for solutions!

Paul Allen shared CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain solutions with the many hundreds of deeply committed climate active citizens who braved the rain on Saturday the 1st of December to march together on Downing Street. As crucial UN climate talks (COP24) kick off in Katowice, Poland, I was honoured to share CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain solutions with … Continue reading "London Climate March: It’s about time – for solutions!" The post Londo...

Waste not, want not

In the Welsh seaside town of Aberystwyth, an innovative environmental group has been formed to tackle food waste. CAT graduate Chris Woodfield introduces Aber Food Surplus. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year – that’s around one-third of the total food produced globally. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that if … Continue reading "Waste not, want not" The post Waste not, want not appeared first o...