instructions to update your calendar

Updating Availability

Click on WP Booking System > Calendars on the left hand side and click on you calendar.

This video shows how to change the bookings on your calendar – IGNORE the edit legend section, it’s just the first bit which you will need.

Update your calendar – don’t forget to ‘Save Changes’ using the blue button at the bottom of the page or top right.

Manage Booking Enquiries

Once a booking enquiry has been made, an email will be sent to you and an automatic email is sent to the person making the booking which reads ‘Thank you for your booking enquiry. I will contact you shortly.

Regards, your name’

This video shows how to manage any bookings.

The calendar will still show the dates as available until you update it yourself. It can be set to automatically update if you prefer, but if someone wants to they could select a whole months without actually proceeding with a booking, leaving those dates as unavailable for anyone else.

You should contact and deal with your booking in your usual way – when you accept a booking using this calendar, DO NOT try to send a Message to confirm the booking – use your own method please. This one is not reliable.