Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival

Friday 28 Oct 2022 - Tuesday 1 Nov 2022 - 05:30 PM

An annual festival celebrating Japanese animation and Japanese culture.

The Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival 2022 takes place from October 28th to 1st November at Aberystwyth Arts Center and we will be showcasing 14 anime feature films and 1 short film, all of which span a wide range of genres and styles but are sure to provide entertainment.

Marketplace and Manga kissa( Free reading area) will be held. The raffle draw will take place at 5:30 on 29th and 5:05 on 30th Octber.

Kotatsu remains the best place to watch anime on the big screen in Wales!

Here is the schedule for films and events:

Fri 28th Oct

17:30 Goodbye, Don Glees!
19:45 Patlabor 1

Sat 29th Oct

11:20 The House of the Lost on the Cape

13:30 Inu-OH

15:25 Living in a World Without Magic (short)

+ Fortune Favours Lady Nikuko

17:30 Raffle Draw/Pompo the Cinephile

19:45 Junk Head

Sun 30th Oct

13:15 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (English Version)

15:15 Looking For Magical Doremi

17:05 Raffle Draw/Over the Sky

Mon 31st Oct

13:30 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

15:30 Eternal 831

17:30 The Relative Worlds

Tue 1st Nov

14:00 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

16:00 Free – Final Stroke Part 1

17:50 Inu-OH

19:45 Patlabor 2

Tickets are available at box Office.

This year we are doing buy 4 and 5th ticket free offer.


Price: Full price 7.50 pound Student 6.50

Contact: Eiko Meredith

Email: info@kotatsufestival.com

Web: kotatsufestival.com

Twitter: @Kotatsufestival

Facebook: KotatsuFestival

Location: Aberystwyth Arts Centre

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