Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cardigan Bay?

I have been asked this question in so many places, including looking out across Cardigan Bay from Mwnt Beach and even in Cardigan town. The bay is the whole of the coastline from Bardsey Island in the county of Gwynedd in the North, to Strumble Head in Pembrokeshire to the south.

Is Cardigan in Pembrokeshire or Ceredigion?

Cardigan is in Ceredigion – also shown on older maps as Cardiganshire. Cardigan is situated on the River Teifi which in turn forms the border in some places between Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, and then further inland, between Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

How do you pronounce Mwnt and Plwmp?

The letter w in both Mwnt and Plwmp is pronounced u as in bump. You can read more about Mwnt Beach here, and if you go by car to Penbryn Beach you will see the cafe called ‘The Plwmp Tart’.

Where is the best place to spot Dolphins?

It is generally considered that the likeliest place to see dolphins close to the Cardigan Bay shore is New Quay. They can be seen from the harbour wall or from the beach. I have been lucky enough to see them from the pub in Tresaith, whilst swimming at Mwnt, whilst walking the coast path from Poppit to Cemaes Head and while picnicking at Cwm-yr-Eglwys in Pembrokeshire. So the truthful answer is that you can see dolphins – if you are lucky – anywhere around Cardigan Bay. Cardigan Bay has the largest population of dolphins in Europe. If you visit and miss the dolphins, it’s a good excuse to come again!

Where is Cardigan Train Station

Despite the number of online searches for Cardigan train station, there is no train to Cardigan – though Aberystwyth and Carmarthen have stations. The original platform for the train from Cardigan can be seen just inside the industrial park by the river Teifi 100 yards before you enter the Welsh wildlife centre from the old bridge in Cardigan town. The walk through the Wildlife centre from Cardigan to Cilgerran follows the disused railway line.

What is and when is Barley Saturday

Barley Saturday is usually on the last Saturday of April. The streets of Cardigan are lined with people to see the horses being run through the town. From the 19th century local farmers have gathered on Barley Saturday to buy, sell and put horses to stud. Cardigan becomes a festive town – a good excuse to meet with friends and enjoy the parades. Check the events calendar for start times.

How long is Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay is 207 km (129 miles) long and stretches from Bardsey Island off the Llyn Peninsula in the north to the wild headland of Strumble head in the south.